Research articles

See below for just some of the research our multidisciplinary team has been involved in


Cough hypersensitivity and chronic cough (2022)

Efficacy and safety of Gefapixant, a P2X3 receptor antagonist, in refractory chronic cough and unexplained chronic cough (COUGH-1 and COUGH-2): results from two double-blind, randomised, parallel-group, placebo-controlled, phase 3 trials (2022) 

Chronic cough is associated with increased reporting of autonomic symptoms (2021)

Speech and language therapy for management of chronic cough (2019)

Chronic cough: new pharmacology (2019)

Physiotherapy, and speech and language therapy intervention for patients with refractory chronic cough: a multi-centre randomised control trial (2017)

Taming chronic cough (2017)

Chronic cough (2016)

Clinical features of the urge-to-cough in patients with chronic cough (2015)

A worldwide survey of chronic cough: a manifestation of enhanced somatosensory response (2014)

Quality of life in patients with chronic cough (2010)