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What is the North West Cough Network

Nationally there are approximately six specialist cough clinics in the UK (Royal Brompton, London; King’s College Hospital, London; Hull, Leicester, Belfast and Manchester). These clinics have been established by enthusiastic individuals with specialist knowledge from their research interests in chronic cough.


Access to specialist cough services for the whole North West region are needed for patients suffering with chronic cough. Multiple investigations and treatment trials are commonly required and travelling to the Manchester cough clinic is a significant burden for patients, particularly those in the west (i.e. Liverpool) and north of the region (i.e. Lancaster). 


The Manchester Cough Clinic is part of a network of clinics around the North West of England, who all work to the same standards of clinical care for patients with chronic cough. We meet regularly to discuss complex cases.

Other clinics in the North West Cough Network are located at

  • Salford Royal Hospital, Northern Care Alliance

  • Preston Royal Hospital, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

  • Royal Blackburn Hospital, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

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